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Edgar Barouz – „Lost island“

Autorius: Lukas

Book review

Edgar Barouz – „Lost island“

My loveable book „Lost island“ is a novel written by one of the best 20th century writer – Edgar Barouz. This work is one of the huge fantastic adventure book collections of this author, so devoted for fantastic lovers. ~ 40w.

The story take’s us to the second world war, when soldiers submarines crashed and the crew
find a strange mystical island, which they have heard about. They stay there and see, that the island reminds the previous land, because there live ancient creatures, like the dinosaurs, mammoths
and even strange monsters. Eventually island guests meet native livers, but they were too wild for building up relationships .With no way out they must adapt to island life, and stay there for along time. ~ 85 w.

This novel has a non-standard plot, because it is like a story about smart people at the beginning of human existence. The book is full of story direction, thats why it involves us into adventures and help to emphasize in experiences of actors. ~ 45 w.

The book revealed human survival in all conditions subtitles and principles. Clearly outlines the human interaction, desires and aspirations in savage life. And it goes without saying that love shadow goes everywhere. ~ 35 w.

The author created an exclusive plot and story direction made this book one of the most valuable
20th century reading, emphasize is popular until now. ~ 25 w.

I trust the time-tested books, because long-term values unchange. Then if you like mystical adventures and you want to read this meaningful book choose – „Lost island“. ~ 30 w.

Total: ~ 250 – 260 w.

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