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Eat to live, not live to eat

Autorius: Lukas

Opinion essay

Eat to live, not live to eat

It is already important that people must eat, because we get the energy from food. Unfortunately nowadays, we often mix necessity with pleasure, but, as well known , what is too much that is unhealthy. So even food may be harmful. ~40 w.

Firstly, binge eating affects peoples figures. Eating food weight increases and eventually develops obesity. Therefore people have problems with motion, and, sometimes thickness become severe disease like diabetes or heart failure. That’s why we should eat normal doses. ~ 40 w.

Another point of view is that fat people feel psychological discomfort. Many people feel inadequate, because they think that their clothes size is too big, their shape is not aesthetic and also the public often don‘t tolerate obesity. But, if person can‘t make it up, then he can become depressed. So unhealthy diet may cause psychological problems. ~ 60 w.

By the way, one more statement – eating delicious food in large quantities can be very expensive and can be very time consuming and completely unnecessary. There are better ways to spend money, for example, give it to starving children, and time – do some altruistic activities. ~45 w.

Many times I have heard different views, that eating is one of the best daily pleasures, and people should eat a lot of tasty, mostly unhealthy, dishes for happiness. But I think that eating what you like is not a sin. ~ 45 w.

Resumptive, our organism is like a plant of energy, and it won‘t crash if we use input of responsibility. ~20 w.

Total: ~ 240 – 250 w.

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